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Shanda Lear

Singer, Inspirational

   Shanda gives a very heartwarming presentation about Bill Lear. "Dad was always scribbling ideas and designs on restaurant napkins and table cloths, all the while telling jokes and discussing the infinite possibilities of the mind. His charismatic presence would always turn heads when he entered a room." From her father, she learned that impossible dreams come true—with determination! She earned her Swiss pilot’s license at seventeen and is now an accomplished singer and entertainer. Her tribute to flight, "Out of the Blue" is an audiotape of aviation songs. Audiences enjoy her touching and inspiring presentation ending with singing. Her inspiring story of The Secret to the Success of Bill and Moya Lear is complemented with slides and spiced with interesting and little-known facts about her father. Shanda will customize her program to wrap up with one to six songs, ensuring she ends on a "high note." Shanda has a medley of aviation songs, W.W.II songs, and Aviation military sing-a-long tunes. Among her most requested is God Bless the USA and God Bless America.

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