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Rod Machado

Humorist, Educator

"MACH 2 WITH MACHADO" is the byline Rod Machado has earned for his rapid-fire delivery at his lively safety seminars and keynote speeches. Rod has three distinctively different types of programs; information-packed, psychological and purely humorous. He has spoken in all fifty of the United States and in Europe sharing his fresh approach to education. Says aviation writer Captain Dave Gwinn, "Machado is energy. He is an educator and an entertainer. He is a verbal gymnast and any one (or all three!) of his professional identities may rebound at any time." As a writer for a number of aviation publications, Rod reflects his fresh approach to education. He says, "People learn best when they are having fun." This is why humor is omni-present in Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook, a complete general aviation resource. Filled with over 1,100 of Rod’s original illustrations and photos, it is an example of how Rod simplifies the difficult and uses humor to help the lessons stick. With degrees in Psychology and Aviation Science he is ATP rated with all fixed-wing flight instructor ratings. His 10,000 hours were earned the hard way, one CFI hour at a time. 

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