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Alec Cody

Aviation Comedy

   Alec Cody, a comedian and impressionist, travels two weeks of every month to comedy clubs around the country such as the “Laugh Stop.” Alec does over 45 impression voice characters including: Charlton Heston, Jacques Cousteau, Rod Serling, John Wayne, Paul Harvey, Rocky Balboa, Ross Perot, Jimmy Carter, Captain Kirk and Barney Fife. In addition to his comedic skills, he’s also an accomplished flight instructor. It doesn’t take much imagination to think what his students must go through. He did a safety training film for American Airlines using his voices to liven-up a very necessary, but boring, subject. Think of Dustin Hoffman, i.e. Rainman, giving the ATIS, Sean Connery giving night dual instruction, Forrest Gump giving safety tips, Barnie Fife as the crazy chief flight instructor and Arnold Swartzenegger as the airport gas boy. Wacky and zany, Alec is one of a kind.

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