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Jose Sarduy

Aviation Humorist


Lt. Col. Jose Sarduy is a 27-year USAF veteran and a flight instructor in the Air Force Reserves.

Gathering funny material from a wealth of his life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the humorous rollercoaster ride of his life.


Lieutenant Colonel Jose Sarduy was born in Cuba then deported because of his father's political prisoner status. He came to Miami with his mother on the Mariel boatlift when he was just 3 years old. His hard-working and quirky Cuban family generated countless funny moments in their everyday lives. From his mother's killing a chicken with her bare hands, to his Dad's talent for flirting with the ladies, there was never a dull moment with his family. What his parents did best was teach their children to work hard for their dreams and always laugh at life and themselves.

Jose made his parents proud when he was accepted to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado after high school. Jose became an officer in the Air Force and an accomplished aviator. He is a veteran having served in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He has flown USAF planes all over the world and been shot at in two countries. Jose is a military flight instructor and also enjoys taking friends for civilian aerobatic rides.

Jose's comedy career started on stage in New York and Philadelphia anytime he wasn't serving. He performs all over the world without being shot at, and is an audience favorite for his ability to make deportation, flying and life threatening moments hysterical. Jose now performs at theaters, comedy clubs, colleges, cruise ships and private events.

Jose had been on CNN, CBS, Fox and Lifetime's "Coming Home", The GIs of Comedy and on NUVO TV's "Comedy Unfiltered. He was the co-host of "Stand Up and Deliver" airing three seasons, he appeared on Fox TV's "Laughs" as both performer and host for two seasons. One week a month he is all dog tags and volleyball down in Texas, teaching the next generation of top gun pilots the basics of flight.

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