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Major Dee Brasseur

Inspirational, Motivational

   Major Deanna Brasseur (Canadian Armed Forces, Senior Officer Retired) is one of the first two women pilots in the world to graduate as a military operational jet fighter pilot qualified to fly the CF18 Hornet and CF5 air-to-air and air-to-ground fighter interceptor aircraft. Additionally, she was the first Canadian Forces female pilot to hold the positions of Jet Flying Instructor, Instrument Check Pilot, Senior Course Designer, Flight Commander, Test Pilot and Aircraft Accident Investigator. Following retirement, she was appointed to serve on the Minister of National Defense’s Advisory Board. Dee is very charismatic and articulate and has been profiled on many Canadian national radio and television programs. Her presentations include: The CF18 - Flying Canada’s Premier Fighter Aircraft, Human Factors in Aviation, Breaking Gender Barriers, Goal Setting and Overcoming Obstacles.

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