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Client Comments

"Story was fabulous! What a great guy. With all that he knows and does, he's normal. I mean that in a good way. As he said of the audience - "They got it". Many in the audience even told me, "I got it". One of the best ever! You have never let me down."
John Milling, Ohio Department of Transportation.

"It was an honor to meet Story Musgrave. His presentation hit a home run and knocked it out of the park. Everyone certainly enjoyed having his visit. This fall we'll invite him to the Observatory as our guest speaker."
K. C. Stage, St. George Observatory & Science Center

"We really enjoyed Story and I think he enjoyed his time with us. He was a real hit here. It seems he made a connection here getting back to his farming roots. It is possible that we'll request him again."
J. Fay, Youth Aviation Adventure

Story Musgrave

Astronaut, Safety, Quality, Leadership, Inspiration, Space

   Story Musgrave was born in 1935 on a dairy farm In Stockbridge, MA. By age three, he wandered the forests alone. At age five, he rode his homebuilt rafts on the rivers and rode on combines. He drove trucks and tractors by age ten and when alone in remote fields repaired them by thirteen. Before finishing school, he ran off to Korea with the U. S. Marines as an aircraft electrician and engine mechanic. He flew with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in over 160 aircraft. As a parachutist he has 800 freefalls.

   Story now has seven graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature and psychology, and 20 honorary doctorates. As a NASA astronaut for over 30 years, he flew six space flights, performed the first shuttle spacewalk on Challenger's first flight, piloted on an astronomy mission, conducted two classified DOD missions, was the lead spacewalker on the Hubble Telescope repair mission and on his last flight operated an electronic chip manufacturing satellite on Columbia. Story was a part-time trauma surgeon during his 30-year astronaut career.

   A biography was written about him, Story, The Way of Water. His exceptional photography skills are highlighted in his latest book released March 2009, The NASA Northrup T-38, Photographic Art from an Astronaut Pilot, Story Musgrave.

   Today he operates a palm farm in Florida, a production company in Sydney and a sculpture company in California. He is a landscape architect, a concept artist with Disney Imagineering, an innovator with Applied Minds Inc. and professor of design at Art Center College of Design in California.

   Story performs multimedia presentations on topics such as vision, leadership, motivation, safety, quality, innovation, creativity, design, simplicity, beauty, and ecology. His specialties in life, his lectures and workshops are about reliability: hardware, software, people and systems.

   Story has hundreds of PowerPoint programs ready to go on his computer with thousands of spectacular images. However, he still specifically customizes each talk. He is able to make connections like few can. He is an excellent speaker because he likes to speak. Story is poetic, really touches people and never disappoints, proven by many encore requests.

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