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Barry Schiff

Aviation Safety, Educational

   Barry Schiff is a Lockheed 1011 captain for TWA holding eight type ratings, all available flight instructor ratings and his 25,000+ hours includes having flown 248 different types of aircraft. He’s served as an FAA designated check airman on the Boeing 767, a general aviation designated examiner and is appointed as an FAA designated accident prevention counselor at large. Barry’s contribution to aviation is legendary. In addition to holding five worlds speed records, he’s the recipient of a Congressional Commendation, the Louis Bleriot Air Medal (France), Switzerland’s gold Proficiency Medal, an honorary doctorate in aeronautical science, and AOPA’s L.P. Sharples Perpetual Award to name just a few. Barry has authored over 850 magazine articles regarding flight safety, operation procedures, techniques and aeronautical theory. Many of these articles involve the development of original concepts, procedures and techniques that received considerable international and industry attention. Over the years Barry’s prolific and skillful writings have earned him nine journalism awards. Barry is no ordinary educator. He presents outstanding programs on aviation safety, airspace and flight proficiency.

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