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Julie Clark

Inspirational, Motivational

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   Julie Clark is a veteran pilot with more than 25 years of flight experience and 20,000 accident-free hours. One of the first women pilots to fly for a major airline, she captains Northwest Airline’s DC-9s and MD-80s. Captain Clark is checked out in more than 65 types of aircraft, including W.W.II B-17s and PBY-5 flying boats. Julie was a civilian instructor at NAS Lemoore, CA., flying the military T-34 trainer for the U. S. Navy. In 1977 she purchased a T-34 unseen for $18,000 at a government surplus sale in Anchorage. After flying 2,900 miles home she began the extensive restoration. Now flying an average of 23 airshows a year in her Beechcraft Mopar T-34 Mentor, she performs an elaborate ballet of grace and skill in the sky. Julie is a beautiful, energetic, all-American inspiration to young and old. Julie’s topics include American Aerobatics Mopar T34 and Airlines to Aerobatics.

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