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Patrick O'Dooley

Team Building, Motivation

O'Dooley Patrick 3.jpg

   Patrick O’Dooley has inspired audiences in all 50 states and seven foreign nations. His goal is to make his meeting planners look good by giving his audience more than they expected. He offers the same commitment to his readers with his book Flight Plan for Living. Patrick draws upon his background as a college athlete, military officer and pilot, as well as his very successful years in business with IBM and Steelcase to bring stores and techniques to help you

'fly' through life. He has chosen the flying analogy because, as a former professional pilot and now a private pilot, he sees many parallels between living a successful, happy and healthy life and techniques pilots use on today’s high-speed jets. Patrick O’Dooley’s research has given him a treasure trove of popular and effective anecdotes that illustrates simple principles of everyday living. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest designation given by the National Speakers Association, on whose board of directors he has served. Patrick’s programs are: One Down and the B.E.S.T to Go!! (Motivation), How to Take the Cuss out of Customer Service, 8-1/2 Ways to Increase Sales and Team Building.

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