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Colonel (Ret.) Rich Graham

SR-71 Pilot

   Colonel (ret.) Rich Graham?s 25 years of Air Force service, he flew the world's fastest and highest flying aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird. He also flew the F-4 in the famous "Triple Nickel" squadron in Vietnam as well as the T-33, T-37, T38, F-4 Wild Weasel, U-2 and the KC-135Q aircraft. Rich worked four years in the Pentagon and ended his military career as the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Commander at Beale AFB. He currently flies the MD-80 aircraft for a major airline. Col. Grahamspeaks with authority on the SR-71, having spent over 15 years with this TOP SECRET reconnaissance program.

   His book, SR-71 Revealed, The Inside Story, describes flying operational reconnaissance missions over and around hostile countries, cruising faster than a speeding bullet (2,100 mph) from over 80,000 feet.

   With his pleasant demeanor, Rich has a wonderful ability to relate his Mach 3 experiences, enthralling both aviators and non-aviator audiences. Using his incredible depth of knowledge, he entertainingly answers all questions concerning the SR-71 program.

   You’ll find this once highly classified information about the SR-71 Blackbird truly amazing. And you’ll marvel at how an aircraft, built by Kelly Johnson’s famed Lockheed Skunk Works, could be so far ahead of its time.

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