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Bill Driscoll

   On May 10, 1972, pilot Lieutenant Randy Cunningham and radar intercept officer Lieutenant J. G. Willy Driscoll became the Navy’s first and only aces of the Vietnam War with the shoot down of three enemy airplanes on one mission. The following is a question Lieutenant Driscoll was asked approximately five days later at a press conference in Boston, attended by more than 200 of that area’s media.

Bill Driscoll

Question: Lieutenant Driscoll, could you please tell us sir, what was going through your mind? Despite being badly out numbered, you and Lieutenant Cunningham managed to shoot down three enemy airplanes before taking a deadly hit from a surface-to-air missile. Then after maneuvering your burning jet for approximately 35 miles you ejected Cunningham and yourself at the coastline. As you were coming down in your parachutes and with enemy PT boats closing in on you, please tell us at that moment sir, what was going through your mind?”

Driscoll: I thought I had made an incorrect decision in leaving the Army Reserves back here in Boston.

* * *
In an interview for Approach magazine Driscoll stated: I believe that for the best pilot-RIO Team, both crewmen have to be psychologically aligned the same way. You need intensely dedicated, aggressive RIOs, especially in combat.


Ever wonder what it’s like to fly today’s 40 million dollar jet fighters in real combat dogfights? Speeds exceed 700 M.P.H. at altitudes below 100 feet under crushing 7 Gs. Multiple enemy missile attacks further intensify this deadly, high-tech battlefield in the sky. How do fighter pilots handle this relentless tension, anxiety and stress? Wouldn’t it be terrific if your staff members or pilots could learn how to apply some of these life-changing principles? Former TopGun instructor Bill Driscoll is eminently qualified to discuss this topic. His background includes:


  • More than 800 presentations

  • 170 combat missions

  • 3,300 hours of jet fighter RIO time

  • More than 5,000 jet dogfights

  • 500 aircraft carrier landings

  • Still flies F-18 jet fighters as RIO at TopGun

  • Member of Navy’s first and only team of jet-missile aces with the shoot down of five enemy fighter in combat

  • One of the highest decorated living Naval Flight Officers of the past 50 years. Major awards include:

The Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, The Purple heart, 8 Air Medals and Nomination for Medal of Honor.


Bill invites you inside the cockpit of today’s highly sophisticated jet fighters and gives an insiders view of the incredible pressures these present-day gladiators feel in combat. Most importantly, you’ll be given the secrets of a balanced lifestyle, which enables these pilots to perform brilliantly under this mind-boggling pressure.

Air combat is nerve-wracking flying featuring constant twisting, rolling, and swirling maneuvers. It’s all about teamwork and doing the right thing at the right time in a rapidly changing, lethal arena. But it’s the little things that make the big difference. And that’s exactly what Bill talks about—the preparation, attitude and concentration needed to accomplish those little things that could make such a big difference in both a persons personal and professional lives.


Bill is firmly committed to this balanced lifestyle, which produces consistently outstanding results. During the past 20 years, he has worked as a salesman in the highly competitive field of commercial real estate. His results include:


  • Number One Office Leasing Specialist for 17 consecutive years

  • Ranked Number One Salesman for four of eight years, and ranked Number Two in three other years in a busy California real estate office

  • Past president of the local Little League and Pony League Baseball


As rapid technological and economic changes continue to exert unpredictable pressure on the global economy and its workforce, now is the time to provide your people with the right tools to handle this pressure.

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