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Kent Jackson

Aviation Law

   Kent Jackson is an aviation attorney, author and ATP with flight experience in Part 91, 135 and 121 operations. A partner in the law firm Jackson & Murphy, L.L.C., he practices solely in aviation law. He has represented numerous pilots, flight departments and corporations in FAA enforcement proceedings, IRS excise tax audits and aviation accident litigation. Admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri, Mr. Jackson advises clients from coast-to-coast on all aspects of aviation law, including the FAA and IRS considerations of aircraft acquisition, operation and leasing. He has co-authored all three volumes of Federal Aviation Regulations Explained with Joseph T. Brennan, a retired FAA attorney. Illustrating and explaining the policies behind the regulations with specific situations, the books reference a variety of sources including the Federal Register, AIM, FAA Advisory Circulars, NTSB Decisions and FAA Chief Counsel Opinions. Mr. Jackson has written for Inside Air Charter, Lawyer-Pilot’s Bar Association Journal, Flight Training Magazine, and Business Aviation Management Journal. He is Chairman of the NBAA Tax Committee and an Adjunct Professor at CMSU. Mr. Jackson is an ideal speaker on the topic of aviation law due to his ability to simplify and present a complex subject in a fresh and enjoyable manner.

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