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David Soucie

Aviation Safety, Educational

   David Soucie has worked with the Federal Aviation Administration as a member of the Safety Management Implementation (SMI) Committee, the System Approach for Safety Oversight in Washington D.C. and continues to participate in the FAA Safety Management Systems Focus Group. Previously, he was a maintenance aviation safety inspector at the FAA and, before that, served as the Senior Director of technical services for Air Methods, Inc. It is now one of the largest helicopter emergency medical operations in the world. His years of experience have led David to become an impassioned consultant and speaker on the topic of aviation safety and human factors in management.
   He has taken leading roles in the design and development of several national safety programs including the congressionally mandated Nexgen.
   Nexgen is an interdepartmental initiative to examine the coordination of aviation activities among the Department of Transportation, Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, NASA, and the Office of National Intelligence.
   In his book, Why Planes Crash: An Accident Investigator Fights for Safe Skies, David emphasizes that safety choices are always about balancing lives against financial liabilities, jobs, and livelihoods.

   As a young airplane mechanic he discovered that feeling safe overshadowed his ability to recognize both threats and opportunities.

   Through dramatic personal stories of success, tragedy and defeat he makes a compelling plea to safety professionals and corporate executives to awaken their "Risk IQ."

   His topic; David to REPAIR Your Thinking will renew your innate capability to seer into what has become clouded by complacency and see threats and opportunities that are hidden in plain view.

   You will begin to make choices based on mindful awareness of threat and opportunity, rather than allowing data, dollars and assumptions to drive your choices for you.

   David graduated from Colorado Aero Tech in 1977 and has continued his education in strategic planning at Harvard Business School and business performance analysis at the University of Colorado Center for Business Performance Excellence. He served as the Information sharing Lead in the FAA's Certification Process Study and is the owner of Sans Souci Enterprises, LLC., a disaster recovery company.

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