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"Jim Slade made two outstanding presentations. His Wright Brothers talk in the afternoon was great and the evening talk on the space program was very well received. He did a nice job of blending his talk with the other components of the banquet, and it all came together as if by design! Thanks for once again making our event a success!"
Tom George, North Alaska Aviation Symposium


Jim Slade

Aviation Media, Inspiration


   Audiences say he’s ‘enlightening, inspirational, humorous...powerful.’ And they’re right. As a journalist, Jim Slade has witnessed some of the truly pivotal events of this century. His coverage of the American space program began with Alan Shepherd’s launch in 1961..and continues today with the space shuttle. He has broadcast his space chronicles to millions around the world on ABC-TV and Radio, CNN, NBC Radio, Mutual, the Westinghouse Broadcasting system and the Voice of America. Slade prides himself on seeing both the woods and the trees at the same time. A journalist who has always dealt personally with the astronauts, engineers and scientists who made it happen, he describes the Apollo moon-landing program as a ‘prime-turn’ in human evolution..and shows you why. In other fields he was there at the birth of the 747, and watched engineers design the 777 on computers. He can talk about personal experiences in the search for Amelia Earhart, can tell you things about the Wright Brothers that you’ve never heard before, show you Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis from a first-hand point of view. There is much more. But to sum up; if you want to laugh, gasp, cry..and cheer..maybe all at once, ask for Jim Slade.


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