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What an Aviation Speaker Can Do

The right speaker can and will, change the course of your event

and possibly change the course of your entire organization.

The right speaker will:
• Motivate
• Inspire
• Captivate
• Teach
• Create a memory that lingers long after the event has ended


The food they won't remember. They'll remember a great speaker.


The right speaker will bring the magic and power of aviation into the room. Aviation speakers

are a unique addition to any event, because each becomes the listener’s direct connection

to the wonder and awe we all feel for flight.


Since 1986, The Aviation Speakers Bureau has excelled at matching the event mission with

the right speaker. It’s both art and science. We know our speakers, and we make a

recommendation only after taking the time to fully understand your goals and your audience.


The expertise and experience of our speakers is extraordinary. Many of them are people you’ve

read about in the news, or heard about as legendary figures while growing up.


Our speakers command audience attention through their stature, their compelling presentations,

their wit, and their authenticity. These aren’t paper experts or desk theoreticians. These are

individuals who have experienced what they speak of.


That is why they motivate, inspire, captivate, teach, and create a memory that lingers long after the event has ended.


An aviation speaker is an enormous opportunity to make your next event memorable. It will remain only an opportunity until you contact us, tell us about your event plans, and ask us to suggest speakers from our roster. No cost, no obligation. Just opportunity.


It is never too early to plan your next event.


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Gregory Feith

Aviation Safety/Human Factors/Reporting

Greg Feith’s History Channel series, “Secrets of the Black Box” gives a glimps of his extensive investigative skills. Often interviewed when aviation disasters strike, his on-camera explanations are straight answers to tough questions. As a professional speaker, Greg’s range of experience in safety and security helps a wide variety of industries to think outside the box. More...

Dick Rutan


Dick Rutan, known as the Indiana Jones of aviation, is the consummate adventurer. A live saving parachute has enabled him to cheat death as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, as a test pilot seconds before crashing, and during an attempt at his third around-the-world record when jumping from a shredding balloon. Flying brothers Dick & Burt Rutan may be second only to the Wright Bros. More...


Michael Goulian Airshow/Aviation Safety

Mike has been involved in aviation since the mid-1980s. In 1964, his parents founded a flight school and maintenance facility which they've continued to operated for over 50 years. Since learning to fly in the 80’s, Michael has accumulated 10,000 hours in the air, holding a CFII and ATP with multiple jet aircraft type ratings.He has authored two books on aerobatics, hosted numerous aviation safety videos and his safety seminars are favorites with pilots.


Patty Wagstaff


Patty Wagstaff flies one of the most thrilling, low-level aerobatic routines in the world today. Flying before millions of airshow spectators each year, her breathtaking performances give spectators a front-row seat view of the precision and complexity of modern, unlimited hard-core aerobatics. Her aggressive smooth style sets the standard for performers the world over. More...


Brian Udell

Inspirational, Motivational, Aviation Safety

Brian's message of determination, preparation and belief is one that transcends all audiences. I know our staff, as well as myself personally, have benefited with many “take a ways” from Brian's visit last week. His message completely fulfilled and exceeded our expectations." Executive Vice President, The Bank of Commerce. More...

Speaking of Flying - Hardbound


Speaking of Flying was produced by Diane Titterington, owner of The Aviation Speakers Bureau


This wonderful 438 page hardbound book was written by 44 speakers with The Aviation Speakers Bureau.


These funny, dramatic, and inspiring stories are some of aviation's finest tales. You would expect nothing less from aviation's celebrities, experts and specialists. Our flight plan sees us barnstorming in the U.S., flying aerial combat missions in World War II and Vietnam, test piloting new aircraft, performing air rescue, winging to exotic places, and flying to historically important aviation places from Kitty Hawk to the moon. You will go along as history is being made and hear the pilot's perspective on some of these aviation firsts. You will find ACES and true heroes within these pages.


Speaking of Flying is your ticket to adventure. Step aboard. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and feel the excitement.


Click Here to Go to Secure Ordering Page $29.95

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