Ralph Hood

Humorist, Sales & Service

   It's Clear On Top... words that mean a lot to a pilot, and will mean a lot to you after Ralph's speech. Ralph has humorously woven his experiences as a pilot into his motivational message that the sun is shining and the sky is blue above the clouds. We can learn to cut through smog and gloom and climb out "on top" just as pilots do. Ralph's ability to share his experiences, laugh at himself and deliver a message which inspires thought and hilarity makes him an ideal speaker and seminar leader. During the eighties, Ralph wrote an award winning newspaper column and taught an aviation management course for Southern Illinois University. Today, Ralph is a full time professional speaker whose travels have taken him from coast to coast and border to border. He also writes for a national aviation trade magazine. Ralph gives more serious programs on aircraft sales and service, of course, always laced with humor. His Ethics of Flying Safely is great for all pilots. His Learn to Fly program helps FBOs and CFIs build their student base. 

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