Jimmy Weldon

The Voice You Remember Motivational, Sales, Leadership

   Jimmy Weldon and his faithful sidekick, Webster Webfoot, are one of a kind. They are a motivational team from Hollywood's earlier days. Webster Webfoot accompanies Jimmy on all his speaking engagements. Your group will laugh, cry and learn from Webster & Jimmy. Television Appearances: Webster Webfoot, Funny Boners, Dragnet, Dallas, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider,


Waltons, Father Murphy, Rockford Files, B.J. & the Bear, Sheriff Lobo, SWAT, Family Holvak, Aloha Paradise, Oregon Trail and Halls of Ivy.

Television Voice: Yogi Bear Show, Huckleberry Hound Show, The Flintstones, Lucky Luke and many more.

Movies: Wrong Guys, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Giant, Stairway to Heaven, Portrait of a Rebel, Americathon, The Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The Phantom Planet.

His book ... "GO GET "EM, TIGER!" ... contains a step-by-step formula for success that anyone can easily follow to achieve their ultimate dream. The opening chapter ..."The Witnessed Murder" ... explains how a little seven-year-old boy saw his future unfold because of his wonderful mother! Learn how it was done.

His video tape is 38 minutes long and has been used for sales meetings, service club programs and classroom instruction. Companies have it available in their library for employees.

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