Dr. Jerry Cockrell

Humorist, Aviation Safety, CRM

   Dr. Jerry Cockrell has the educational background and ability to translate aviation human factors and safety principles to countless other professions and industries. Dr. Jerry Cockrell is a psychologist, a 20,000-hour airline pilot, an authority on safety, and one of the funniest speakers in the US. His qualifications include B-737 Captain, international B-747-400 pilot, CRM & Check Airman Instructor, B-737 Simulator Instructor, CFI and Advanced Ground Instructor ratings. Dr. Cockrell’s Ph.D. is in psychology and education. Jerry uses funny and amazing true stories to teach safety, human factors and awareness. Folks laugh and enjoy themselves, then later realize they have learned a great deal and they remember the lessons. As one of the earliest developers of CRM and one of the foremost educators on the subject, Jerry serves as expert witness in the area of human factors in numerous aviation accident areas. Dr. Cockrell has traveled to all 50 states and internationally to England, Germany, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Canada and Australia delivering over 3,000 safety and humorous presentations. He toured for the Air Safety Foundation (a division of AOPA) for many years teaching various pilot programs and flight instructor revalidation clinics. He is a National Accident Prevention Counselor appointed by the FAA in Washington D. C.On the lighter side, Jerry’s hilarious banquet keynote presentations are a favorite, which often includes his infamous sick-sack routine, a huge audience favorite.

Speaker Biography

   Dr. Jerry Cockrell is a psychologist, aviator, humorist and in-demand speaker. His ‘down-home’ style and hilarious anecdotes have charmed, educated and entertained audiences around the world. This popular aviation personality has an almost magical way of getting important information across to diverse audiences while captivating them with very real and very funny material.


   Dr. Cockrell, a former Boeing 737 Captain, has over 20,000 flying hours including flying a Boeing 747-400 on international routes for an FAR 121 carrier. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education.Beginning his work in 1977, he was one of the earliest developers of Crew Resource Management programs. Since that time he has conducted more than 200 Crew Resource Management and Check Airman Safety Seminars for such air carriers as: United Parcel Service, Alaska Airlines, Air B.C., Air Ontario, Frontier Airlines, Overseas National Airlines, Mark Air, Reeves Aleutian Airways and Henson Airlines.


   Present day Teamwork programs originated with the development of airlineCrew Resource Management training. Working on the forefront, Dr. Cockrell has been leading the way with his unique CRM, human factor and teamwork programs, inspiring others to follow.Jerry has worked with corporate, government and aviation groups including Mobil Oil, Arco, all branches of the military, the US Coast Guard and the FBI.


   Jerry has the honor of being one of the first speakers to make aviation safety presentations in all 50 states and internationally to England, Germany, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Canada and Australia delivering over 3,000 safety and humorous presentations.


Working as Director of Safety and Training for Mark Air, he worked with their employees, including mechanics, pilots and flight attendants. His Maintenance Management Safety Seminars are the first to lead the way before government NPRM for CRM and he is a respected aviation Human Factors authority.Jerry’s down-home speaking manner has been characterized as a cross between Zig Zieglar, Jerry Clower, Andy Griffith and Steve Martin, but we think you will find that he truly has a style all his own.Program Topics


Program Topics

  • SafetyDecision Making and JudgmentLeadership

  • Crew ManagementHuman Factors

  • Human PerformanceSituational Awareness

  • Root CausesTaking ResponsibilityMotivational

  • Never Give UpTeamworkCrew Resource Management

  • Aviation Humor (for all groups)


Clients Comments


"I am very glad that we had the opportunity to hear Dr. Cockrell speak. This is the first time that all the people stayed in after lunch, because they want to hear the rest. I think he is absolutely the best Human factor/safety speaker we have ever heard. People came out grinning and with a smile on their face. It was a lot of trouble to get him, but it was worth the trouble. Thanks again, and I think you will hear from us again next year."

H. Zweers, Royal Netherlands Airforce


"Dr. Cockrell gave a great presentation this morning and was a big hit with the crowd of almost 400 Soldiers. His message and humor were very well received and the feedback was all positive. The Soldiers really appreciated him coming and spending some time with them. Thanks for all of your help, we couldn't have had a great key-note speaker like Dr. Cockrell without your support."