Program Topics

  • Indispensable Habits of Success Accent on Laughter

  • To Soar With Eagles

  • Success Comes In Cans

  • Livin’ On Love and Laughter

  • The Gift of Laughter

Doc Blakely

Humorist, Sales and Service


Doc Blakely is the winner of the National Speakers Association’s highest honor, the Cavett Award. Doc has spent 20 years presenting his own brand of humor to clients including Fortune 500 corporations and national associations. He has spoken in 49 states and several foreign countries making about 100 appearances a year. Doc grew up in the ranch country of South Texas where he learned the skills and music of working cowboys. Long before he earned his PhD in animal husbandry, his friends were calling him “Doc” for his knack of treating horses and cattle. A multi-talented musician, Doc plays the fiddle, mandolin, guitar and even the musical saw. He is the author of numerous books including Shoot Luke, the Air Is Full of Pigeons and Doc Blakely’s Handbook of Wit and Pungent Humor. Doc is also a mentor to many professional speakers. Folks just love Doc. As a pilot, he has collected funny stories for a special presentation to aviation groups, To Soar With Eagles. He is exceptionally witty and can incorporate his music and funny songs into the program.

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