Speaker Biography

Southerner By Birth

Redneck By Choice

Humorist by Genetic Predisposition

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot

Syndicated Columnist



Clients Comments

"The conference was a great success. Charlie was big hit with the troops as well as the General who stayed for his presentation. His ability to intertwine humor with his personal experiences and safety items was just what we were looking for. Thank you for taking care of the coordination and getting Charlie here. I'm sure we'll be contacting you again."

"Charlie Thompson was a hit. I talked with numerous folks after the conference and they thought he was wonderful. We took him out to dinner afterward, with Charlie keeping us all entertained for at least two hours. Thanks so much for your recommendation and helping to make this all happen with no hiccups."
David B. Fuller, MTARNG

“Thank you for making the trip to Nashville and for making life so easy for us. I am pleased to report that the impact you had on our audience was nothing short of phenomenal. I have never seen an audience take to a speaker like they did to you. You were really terrific and we look forward to having you back.”
Tennessee Health Care Association

“Your keynote presentation was wonderful and exactly what our audience needed. The critiques received from the attendees gave your session an excellent rating. Your message and funny stories made for an excellent presentation that the audience thoroughly enjoyed.”
Wisconsin Aviation Conference


Charlie Thompson

Aviation Humorist

   You've sat through the weatherman warning not to fly through F-3 tornadoes and the flight surgeon's explanation of the direct correlation between high cholesterol and tail rotor failure. Now they're spooling up the riveting footage of a B-29 crashing into a rail car loaded with dead chickens. Perhaps it's time for a nap. Or maybe, it's time for a safety message loaded with laughter that will not only wake your group up, but also drive home very practical safety lessons.

   Charlie's aviation career began at Fort Wolters, Texas with primary helicopter training for the U.S. Army. After graduation, he flew helicopter gunships in Vietnam and later the CH-54, Skycrane, for several years as a member of the Alabama National Guard. Charlie has a Bachelor of Aviation Management from Auburn University and spent the better part of 30 years playing with airplanes in one capacity or another. He has held positions ranging from ramp agent suitcase slinger to director of flight operations to CEO and janitor of his own aircraft charter broker company.

   Charlie's aviation humor program, Gunships, Grits, and Granny, will have the audience laughing through to the end. However, the audience may learn just a little bit about themselves and how they might enjoy life even more. While Charlie keeps them laughing during his safety program, he shares lessons learned from many years in aviation, intermingled with stories of everyday life. One minute the audience is hooting, the next they are contemplating the distress caused by a momentary lack of concentration in the cockpit. Whether you need a quick-paced safety program or a humorous keynote, Charlie's message will linger long after the meeting's end and send your group home laughing and renewed.


Safety is not a laughing matter!
But Charlie proves that learning about safety can be a laughing matter.

“Charlie, the Sheriffs of Alabama truly enjoyed your performance at our annual conference in Mobile. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to hear good ol’ clean decent humor in real life. Our country is going through changing times and everybody needs to laugh and come together.”
Alabama Sheriffs Association

”There is always a certain amount of trepidation regarding how well any speaker will be received. You more than exceeded all expectations and really made me look good as the meeting planner. Not only did your humor provide much-needed relief from the pressures of organizational meetings, but you also left us thinking about how we approach life in general. Your message of looking at life with a fresh attitude will not only enhance the way we interact with fellow employees and the traveling public, but also with our friends and family as well.”
Delta Airlines

Your previous aviation, and military experience plays well into the safety message that you brought to the troops. Your time with us was both entertaining and informative.
Indiana Army National Guard

“What a pleasure it was having Charlie Thompson as the luncheon speaker for the annual ITS GA conference. You were both funny and moving and struck just the right note with the crowd in light of the recent tragedies in our nation.”
Intelligent Transportation Society of Georgia

“Your presentation put the “icing on the cake”… It was like you had known us (our group) for a long time. Personally, I hope to never be in a position again where I have to be the coordinator of such a function. But if I am, I know that I will be calling you.”
Dixie Girls Softball

“To say that your speech was the highlight of the event would be a gross understatement. You had them rolling in the aisles. Our pilots are still talking about your presentation and relating your hilarious stores to others who were unable to attend. Your ability to relate to your audience and involve them in your presentation was a sign of true professionalism. Thanks for a most entertaining and thought-provoking evening.”
Craig Gottschang
Delta Airlines

“Outstanding presentation… a welcome relief… your presentation lightened the mood of those in attendance to the point that this mood carried over throughout the convention… I heard many references throughout the remainder of the convention to your humorous words of wisdom.”
Jim Yerkey
Alabama Central District Governor

“Your presentation put the ‘icing on the cake’ and allowed everyone to have a very enjoyable evening. Our family oriented group was very receptive to your performance… by all the positive responses that I have received the past week. Your presentation closed out our convention on a smashing note.”
Jim Markel
Alabama State Director